How to Help Young Life

Opportunities for adults to help Young Life
From on-going roles such as serving on Committee or mentoring kids as a volunteer leader to working on special projects once a year, there are multiple levels of opportunities of involvement for adults in Young Life. If you are willing to help us care for kids, we have a role that matches your desire, gifts, and availability. We trust you will be blessed as you serve in Young Life. Here are just some of the ways you can help us.
1. Pray for everything and everyone Young Life.
2. Help clean up/set up for events.
3. Provide food for events.  Contact Todd Boulware.
4. Chaperone a WyldLife Club.
5. Introduce Young Life to your church or community organization.
6. Give financially to Licking County Young Life.
7. Donate computer, office and/or multi-media equipment.
8. Provide dinner for a Young Life leader.
9. Be a Table Host-Invite and host friends for our Young Life Banquet in October.
10. Help us send out newsletters and mailers.
11. Help us start Young Life in a new community/school.
12. Arrange to see a Young Life kid event in action.
13. Encourage leaders with a small gift of appreciation.
14. Become a Young Life Leader who works directly with kids.
15. Thank school administrators for their support of Young Life.
16. Help maintain our website.
17. Buy Club supplies as you grocery shop.
18. Host a fundraising dinner.
19. Be part of our TDS fundraising team.
20. Join the local Committee.
Please contact us to help.
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