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Our Approach
Young Life is built around genuine and unconditional relationships. Leaders accept, spend time with, listen to, seek to understand, and enjoy real and lasting friendships with all kids regardless of their background, appearance, or beliefs. This relational approach provides caring adult role models, bridges of trust and guidance, and opportunities to support teenagers in many ways.

Young Life strives for excellence in everything we do because we believe every kid deserves to be treated with respect and value. So, from our sincere friendships with kids to our innovative and adventurous programming, we go the extra mile!

Our Methods
Young Life’s methods are simple and allow teenagers to be involved at many different levels.

Contact Work Leaders go where teenagers are to build friendships, care for their needs, and earn the right to be heard. Leaders spend time at the school campus, activities, athletic contests, and local hang-outs to meet kids on their turf.

Club Program featuring an attractive and social environment of music, humor, entertainment, and a short talk. Kids can unwind, have fun, and learn more about the Christian faith in an understandable and respectful way.

Camp First class, high adventure summer and weekend trips to Young Life properties at beautiful venues such as the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Catskills of New York, and the scenic valleys of Virginia. Kids enjoy activities such as parasailing, water and snow skiing, mountain climbing, and rappelling in an environment where they can learn more about God’s love for them. Many cite these trips as “the best week of my life.”

Campaigners Time for those interested in learning more about the Christian faith that includes Bible study, discussion, and prayer. This group learns to live out their faith in a way that impacts others.

Service Projects From local community projects to serving as work crew at a Young Life property, we offer opportunities for kids to grow by serving others.

Church Our desire is for kids to be positively involved in their family church for the rest of their lives.



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